First shots

And the day finally came. The day I made my mind about what I want. The day I had time to do it.

There are many sites with pictures of her. Inside and outside descriptions, different angles shots of her. I saw her, I liked her, I dreamed about her. And the day came. I noted her number and her accessory number, I called to check if it’s available and I went to meet her. The guy at the entrance looked at me with a “he, he” smile on his face and asked me in. And there she was, waiting for me. The accessories were there too. I’ve payed and take her home, ready for some intense action. Well, she wasn’t that ready for action that night and I had to wait ’till the next day to use it. And I did!

Those are the first shots with my new Canon 450D (Rebel XSi) digital camera:

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